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What this website does is to make changes to their design and production as they see fit. So, when they moved to higher resolution videos, they saw it fit and were following current market trends for HD films. They have changed to subscription-based membership from the token system. They have added more features and information inside to make members comfortable, also make navigation simpler. The goodness of the ladies is that they can charm you even without showing you their goodies, but when they show them, then you are instantly aroused!

The homepage is filled with previews of picture and movies that are exclusively produced here. The images offer the needed thrust for you to accept sliding your hand down for some self-pleasure. Anyway, the layout still is maintained and not cluttered so that you can catch the dramatic action. They have clips for small sizes, files that are bigger with longer time stamps on them as well. You can choose either. Some of the ladies have that lush feeling of innocence around them. Some have that urgent need of stimulation. The producer does well to bring the different mixture of ladies to create various scenes.

There is care taken to make the videos and pictures not too softcore erotic and not overtly hardcore, but a different level of quality that is quite unexplainable. What you can do is go to the 1000+ videos inside this website and see what is going to happen! You can find longer videos 40 minutes; find wmv, mp4, flv formats, and mobile version as well. The range of 270p, 360p, 720p, 1080p HD resolutions should offer a nice option list you can utilize. Don’t you dare forget about the luscious picture galleries, over 1100 galleries packed with 100s of jpegs in each gallery. The quality is sizable, 1024pixel resolution jpegs are inside.

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